The demonstrator “Marine Environmental Indicators” has a specific focus on data related to the marine environment, and it is led by the CMCC Foundation, in collaboration with IFREMER, Mercator Ocean International, the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute (KNMI), and the University of Bergen.

It will develop an online service with an associated cloud-based analytical computing framework and a dedicated web interface to provide and display indicators and information on the environmental quality of the ocean.

  • marine environment (Chl-a trends, TRIX, Chl-a statistical analysis; Mixing indicator; etc.),
  • oceanography (wave, currents, temperature, salinity, primary production, etc.),
  • meteorology (wind and atmospheric variables),
  • and acidification (inorganic carbon indicators).

For the demonstration the focus will be on the Mediterranean Sea region. In a later stage a further extension to the North-East Atlantic will be explored.  Such an extension  is facilitated by the homogeneous data structure of the Copernicus Marine service products. However, a step by step approach is needed to progressively develop and calibrate indicators for  different sea areas, as  different parametrizations might be needed for the same  indicator to be suitable for the different characteristics of marine areas.

The system will be designed on the basis of intermediate users’ requirements (e.g. environmental protection agencies) and will be made online accessible, by means of the Blue Cloud Virtual Lab and also in context of DIAS – WekEO.

The main scientific challenge faced by this demonstrator is to integrate existing services from Copernicus Marine Service, ECMWF, EMODNET into a unique, interoperable and multi-channel on line cloud service accessed simultaneously by several users. The users will be able to analyse on line the data without moving the data from the cloud.

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