The demonstrator will compile and process several data resources that are available under different European marine networks, data systems and research infrastructures and apply big data analysis and machine learning (e.g. neural networks) methods to create fit for purpose data products, using an open transparent methodology that runs in the Blue Cloud. It will focus on biological Essential Ocean Variables (EOV’s) on plankton.

The proposed demonstrator will build upon a range of oceanographic data from multiple streams, made interoperable and integrated through Blue Cloud services, in order to produce unique 3D and 4D synergistic zooplankton and phytoplankton products that will be made available to various end-users. The virtual EOVs to be produced, will contribute to improve knowledge and quantitatively reduce uncertainty regarding the present state of the marine plankton ecosystems and their response to ongoing and future climate change.

The associated computation routines will be documented and delivered for re-use as part of the Blue Cloud Virtual Lab.

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