Over the thirty-six-month lifetime of the Project, Blue-Cloud aims to address the need to build and demonstrate the Pilot Blue Cloud as a thematic EOSC cloud to support research to better understand and manage the many aspects of ocean sustainability, through a set of five compelling pilot Blue- Cloud demonstrators.

While the Blue-Cloud Consortium already possesses the necessary skills to execute the Project workplan, it will avail itself of the support of an External Stakeholders Expert Board (ESEB) for high level guidance on strategy and policy and leverage of their relevant cross-sectoral networks.

In particular, the ESEB Members will:

  • Provide ad-hoc, independent, competent and timely feedback to the strategy and operations of the Blue-Cloud initiative and its demonstrators (especially assessing impact and user experience);
  • Advise on strategic global “Blue” trends;
  • Facilitate dialogue with policy makers and stimulate discussion between the relevant key stakeholders in the EU, and where appropriate, beyond.
  • Help strengthen the Blue Cloud framework, leveraging on their network and experience;
  • Contribute to the Blue Cloud Strategic Roadmap;
  • Increase the visibility of project and support the dissemination of project results.

Meet the Blue-Cloud experts below

Karl Presser

Managing Partner at Premotec GmbH, President of EuroFIR AISBL and Elected Member of the International Measurement Confederation (IMEKO) 

Why have you decided to join the Blue-Cloud ESEB and what contributions you can bring?
I decided to join the Blue-Cloud to coordinate collaboration between the Blue-Cloud and FNS-Cloud which are sibling thematic EOSC projects. The Blue-Cloud project is very interesting and touches my expertise in information system and food data. My background is computer science, in particular global information systems, and therefore I can contribute to ICT architecture, ICT implementations, data quality, data standardisation and harmonisation, data processing and data exchange

Nicolas Segebarth

Policy Officer at the European Commission

Toste Tanhua

Chemical oceanographer at GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel

Why have you decided to join the Blue-Cloud ESEB and what contributions you can bring?
I joined the Blue-Cloud ESEB since the project address the important aspect of FAIR ocean data - without a well functioning system of accessing and (re)using the data from ocean observations, those observations is of little value. I am proud to support Blue-Cloud from the perspective of the data provider as well as scientific data user.

Martin Visbeck

Professor for Physical Oceanography at GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel 

Why have you decided to join the Blue-Cloud ESEB and what contributions you can bring?
The Blue-Cloud project had tremendous opportunities to advance the sharing of ocean knowledge between science and a wide range of stakeholders. I am pleased to bring the broad perspective from the ocean science and sustainable development community to the board.