All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum

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6 February 2020 09:30 – 7 February 2020 16:30
Brussels, Belgium

The All-Atlantic Ocean Research Forum held on 6-7 February 2020 in Brussels, gathered political and community leaders, researchers, industry, Youth Ambassadors, and inspirational speakers from along and across the Atlantic Ocean, from the Arctic to Antarctica, to showcase the results of cooperation and their impact on the citizens living on the shores of the Atlantic. Policymakers and stakeholders reflected upon the common Atlantic journey undertaken in 2013 with the signing of the Galway Statement and enhanced in 2017 with the signing of Belém Statement.

EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel mentioned the key role played by Blue-Cloud in the framework of the EU Green Deal in her opening speech, and Pierre Bahurel from Copernicus Marine Service highlighted the importance of the initiative in the process of transforming data into something actionable.

The event was also a key occasion for Blue-Cloud to engage with researchers and to showcase its first months of activity and workplan. The Blue-Cloud Coordinator Sara Garavelli from Trust-IT took part in the final panel on the 6th of February, presenting results from the workshop "Improving the knolwedge of our oceans and seas and bringing them closer to citizens", reflecting on the need for a global Blue-Cloud (please find her presentation here).