International Journal of Data Science and Analytics Call for Papers: Special Issue on Data Science and AI in Marine Science and Blue Economy

Special Issue: AI & Data Science in Marine Science. Seeking high-quality research on AI, data, and scientific workflows. Emphasis on Open Science and FAIRness.

Empowering Ocean Restoration: Blue-Cloud 2026 and the EU Mission Ocean

Blue-Cloud 2026 commits to contribute to ecological rejuvenation, climate neutrality, and sustainable blue economies. Explore our pledge to the EU Mission Ocean.

Unveiling the new Blue-Cloud 2026 website

Introducing the new Blue-Cloud 2026 website: Unlocking marine research potential with data, tools, and training for Open Science. Explore now!

iMagine: Empowering Aquatic Sciences with AI-Based Image Analysis Tools and Support

Apply Now for Services, Tools, Training & Support in AI-Based Image Analysis for Aquatic Sciences

Fostering skills and Open Science uptake at the Blue-Cloud technical all-hands meeting

On 13-15 June 2023, FORTH-ICS hosted the Blue-Cloud 2026 technical all-hands meeting, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among VLabs and Workbenches.

WEkEO Hackathon is open for participation!

The WEkEO Hackathon on 22-23 June 2023 provides an opportunity for you to use your creativity and data skills to positively impact our environment and improve climate resilience! 

EOSC in practice: Providing computing platforms and analytical services to facilitate the collaboration between researchers

The Blue-Cloud VRE was featured as an EOSC in practice story by EOSC Future, which interviewed Blue-Cloud 2026 Scientific and Administrative Coordinator Pasquale Pagano, CNR-ISTI.

EOSC in practice: Supporting marine data discovery and accessibility to enable cross-domain research

The Blue-Cloud Data Discovery and Access Service was featured as an EOSC in practice story by the EOSC Future project, which interviewed our Technical Coordinator Dick Schaap, MARIS, about its concept and implementation.

Research-driven and industry-driven ocean data at the World Ocean Summit

Blue-Cloud 2026 Project Coordinator Sara Pittonet Gaiarin (Trust-IT Services) was invited to join the "Economist Impact - World Ocean Summit & Expo", more specifically the panel "Combining data to unlock better ocean health", moderated by Brian Helmuth (Proteus Ocean Group). We invite you to read the "Blogpost" from Sara, with insights on what was discussed during the panel, along with the main takeaways.

Horizon Europe project Blue-Cloud 2026 to enhance Open Science in support of ocean protection and restoration

The Horizon Europe project Blue-Cloud 2026 kicked off in Pisa, Italy, paving the way for the development of a federated European ecosystem to deliver FAIR & Open Science datasets, applications and computing resources, instrumental for the EU Mission “Restore Our Ocean and Waters by 2030”.

Blue-Cloud 2026 & AquaINFRA: Open Science to restore our ocean and waters

European Commission invests €16 million in the two EOSC-related Horizon Europe projects Blue-Cloud 2026 and AquaINFRA in support of the EU Mission "Restore our Ocean and Waters” by 2030.

Unlocking Open Science in support of the EU Green Deal: insights from Blue-Cloud Final Event

At the Blue-Cloud Final Conference we explored key achievements and the road ahead for this exciting Horizon 2020 journey in Open Science for the ocean, also presenting the Horizon Europe project ensuring follow-up of results until 2026.