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Eutrophication: chlorophyll, nutrients, oxygen

Currently, several datasets in different data infrastructures with their own QC/QA have to be synchronised manually. This Workbench will define and implement an efficient production workflow to merge multi-source datasets managed by Copernicus Marine Service, EMODnet Chemistry and the World Ocean Database, together with key EU RIs and build highly qualified EOV datasets for eutrophication variables: chlorophyll, nutrients, oxygen.

Tested for the North East Atlantic, the aim is to further extend it to the global ocean during the last year of the project.. The Blue-Cloud data lakes development, and specialised cloud-based software tools will be exploited to allow efficient dataset aggregation and harmonisation. A dedicated protocol will be jointly set out to identify and handle the potential duplicate observations.

This task if led by Alessandra Giorgetti, OGS. Watch Alessandra's Interview about this workbench


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