Integration of coastal ocean observations along Europe

Many types of ocean data are available from a variety of sources, but they are not all coordinated or interoperable. Integration of diverse datasets needs to be addressed and demonstrated to facilitate the creation of an effective knowledge base for applications and policy decisions.

Solving the current issue linked to integrating coastal ocean data from diverse sources.

Data from JERICO-RI will be combined with other available data to get unprecedented insights on key processes affecting Europe’s coastal ocean environments. Integrated exploration of datasets will take place based on statistics, structuring variability, correlation analysis, combined interactive state-of-the-art visualisations and advanced processing and post-processing.

In Blue-Cloud 2026, advanced data products and interactive visualisations will be built for 3 Thematic Services focusing on

  • processes such as biological connectivity, contaminants spread, and influence of river outflows; 
  • coastal impacts of major storms, 
  • showing the added value of repeated glider sections. 

Implementation will benefit from JERICO-Coastal Ocean Resource Environment (JERICO-CORE) developments. Its functionalities will be significantly expanded.

Learn more about this Virtual Lab in our dedicated Training Academy webinar.