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EOSC workshop at Norwegian University of Science and Technology

5 February 2024 09:00–11:30
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

Blue-Cloud 2026 is invited to present at the EOSC workshop, held at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology on 5 February 2024

NTNU is since May 2023 a member of the EOSC Association, a European co-programmed partnership. EOSC aims to improve the storing, sharing and especially the combining and reusing of research data across borders and scientific disciplines.

In this workshop, we will look at the current EOSC landscape and discuss potential directions for meaningful engagement of NTNU researchers with EOSC: what, when and how.

Blue-Cloud2026's Dick Schaap and Sara Pittonet Gaiarin will present how Blue Cloud approaches the topic of research data federation. 

Download the presentation here